Danger! Ambiguity ahead!

Caution! Is this for you?

It’s NOT for you if:

  • Your spirituality or religion is working for you.

  • You believe that holding a “correct” belief is essential.

  • You believe that your answers to the great questions of life are the “right” ones, and that everyone else is mistaken or misled.

If you’re happy, fulfilled, and satisfied with your particular path, stick with it - with our blessings! You’re not our target audience. You are very welcome to stay and explore. But if doubt, ambiguity, and questioning make you uncomfortable, then it’s likely that you’re going to be, well… uncomfortable (but consider the possibility that you might really need to stretch a bit).

However, perhaps you're NOT happy with your path. If you feel like something is missing, if you don't feel understood, or if you're wondering whether ANY form of spirituality will EVER seem like a good fit, WELCOME! You've come to the right place! You have a choice.

As a matter of fact, CHOOSING is what being a heretic is all about. The word descends from the Greek "hairetikos" (able to choose).

That's what we do in the League of Heretics. We make our own choices about our spirituality or lack thereof. Is it time to find a new path or refine an old one? Are you craving a safe community in which to doubt, question, or maybe just BE? This newsletter's purpose is to help you do all that and more. And we'll do our best to have fun along the way!

How do I join?

Just click the subscribe button below. There are free and paid options. If you decide that you want to support this effort monetarily, you can do that now or later. Or never. No pressure.

To pay, or not to pay…

Everyone Gets Everything - I thought quite a bit about paywalls and whether to use one or not. I decided to give everyone the opportunity to contribute to the project, but not require it. I don't fault any writer who decides otherwise, but I think our purpose is too important to exclude anyone from anything. Yes, I know... there are newsletters and communities that have paywalls, yet offer a subscription freely to anyone who asks. That's a fine way to go. I simply decided to make everything available, and ask for your support with a monthly (or yearly!) paid subscription when or if you think it's worth it.

Why subscribe?

If everything is free why join? Good question! A subscription of any type makes sure you get the goodies delivered right to your inbox. You'll be joining others who believe that sane, inclusive, pro-science spiritual paths can make the world a better place. A paid subscription helps keep this project afloat. You can feel good about helping make life-affirming spirituality more readily available... a balance to all the oppressive movements that are way too common. When you click the button, you’ll be given the option to choose free or paid.

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I started League of Heretics to support and encourage honest seekers as we choose/craft/discover a spirituality without supernaturalism.